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Freundschaft Grusskarten - Freunde, Sterne, Immer, ewig

Herbert Riedel  
  Fehlermeldung, immer nur Fehlermeldung. Das soll einer
verstehen, wie das mit dem Senden gehen soll.
Brysen schrieb am 12.05.2016
A lot of talented channels here!Self exoessripn, Sport, Art
and Language are all invaluable parts of humanity and
everyone is obviously great at what they do. I'm very
happy to just be nominated but also can't help to think
it is a shame that only one of us gets to win when all of us
deserve a little spotlight. I think the votes reflects that
compared to some of the past numbers.
Blue schrieb am 12.05.2016
“half an iPad at half the price” – a great
summary! I’m glad you like your Nook. Another place I
think backlight would be great is on lo-o-o-ong plane
flights. (I hate putting my overhead light on when the
person beside me is asleep, I’m afraid I’ll
disturb them!)But I can’t wait to be able to take a
whole library with me the next time I go on
hoivyads/iacatlon!Thanks for stopping by.

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